Veeam Backup voor AWS v2

Veeam Backup voor Amazon Web Services (AWS) biedt kosteneffectieve en veilige cloud-native back-up en disaster recovery (DR) van Amazon EC2-instances. Binnen enkele minuten kun je eenvoudig de verloren gegane cloudgegevens restoren, ongeacht of dit komt door een storing, disaster, malware of dat een item per ongeluk is verwijderd.

Onlangs introduceerde Veeam versie 2 van Veeam Backup voor AWS.

Nieuw in Veeam Backup voor AWS v2 zijn o.a.:

  • AWS Disaster Recovery: Repliceer en herstel Amazon EBS-snapshots van meerdere accounts en regio’s voor AWS disaster recovery.
  • Consistente applicaties: Maak applicatieconsistente snapshots en back-ups van actieve Amazon EC2-instances zonder enig gegevensverlies.
  • Changed Block Tracking: Verklein back-up windows en verlaag de kosten met CBT-ondersteuning waarmee alleen blokken worden gelezen die sinds de vorige back-up zijn gewijzigd.
  • Openbare RESTful API: Integreer en ontwikkel externe workflows en apps voor veilige verbinding en integratie met en beheer van Veeam Backup for AWS.

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Moderne Authenticatie voor Office 365 Backup

Om Veeam Backup voor Microsoft Office 365 veilig te koppelen met de Office 365 backend, dient uiteraard de authenticatie en autorisatie juist te zijn geconfigureerd. Middels Update 4c van Veeam Backup voor Office 365 is het mogelijk om hiervoor ‘Moderne Authenticatie’ zoals MFA, smart cards en andere technieken te gebruiken in plaats van de onveilige basis authenticatie op basis van gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord.

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MFA setup voor Veeam Backup voor Office 365

Het belang van Multi Factor Authenticatie als alternatief voor het onveilige gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord is bij iedereen bekend. Om MFA te gebruiken bij de koppeling van Microsoft Office 365 met Veeam Backup voor Office 365 dient er het één en ander geconfigureerd te worden.

Veeam heeft hiervoor een handleiding gepubliceerd Die je hier kunt vinden: Setup MFA voor Office 365 >>>

1+1=3: Microsoft + Veeam: Better together

Every organization is moving to a hybrid-/multi‑cloud strategy, and every choice requires a re‑imagination of its data protection strategy. Your opportunity is to help accelerate their IT modernization and data protection goals, while providing the expertise to help your customers be successful in the cloud by using offerings from both Microsoft and Veeam. In this interactive session, we will explain how the combination of Veeam and Microsoft technologies can enable Microsoft Partners to deliver backup and recovery solutions for cloud, virtual, physical and SaaS‑based workloads.

  • Reduce tape and utilize Azure repositories for long‑term retention and disaster preparedness
  • Understand what’s necessary to protect and recover data from Microsoft Office 365 beyond just the recycle bin
  • Ensure reliable protection and recoverability of native Azure‑hosted workloads

Check the video: Data protection re-imagined in 2020

Explained: What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity, what does it really mean? Frankly, the term has been around forever, since the days the first PC landed and became essential to the health and performance of business. In recent years, it has meant how companies ensure IT systems remain available and are often linked with Disaster Recovery — creating the acronym BCDR — something all IT pros will undoubtedly know and probably have some experience with over their career. However, in recent years, new terms have outshined good ole BCDR: High Availability, Always-on, Always-Available, Modern Data Protection, and Cloud Data Management, to name a few. While all these terms have different focuses and value propositions, they all pay homage to the OG, Business Continuity.

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Office 365 Backup: Auxiliary accounts, cloud to cloud

When backing up from Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive, Microsoft will place a throttling limit on the download so they can keep consistent access to the data. This throttling metric is provisioned on a per-account login to a single site and is determined by Microsoft. It includes the level of plan you pay for, the size of your organization and the amount of data your site contains. The exact numbers for these parameters are not posted publicly, but you can expect that a company with sub 100 E1 licenses will be on a lower speed tier to a company with over 1,000 E5 licenses.

Curious about Veeams solution?

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Having the right account and knowing your backups’ components is a critical first step in the backup process, but you also need to know the scope of the Microsoft Office 365 environment you want to back up. Which services do you plan on including in this backup scope? Knowing the components you plan on backing up will help greatly when it comes to capacity and resource planning.

You can expect a fairly static data growth when it comes to email because there are more limitations on data that can be exchanged in this form compared to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business where there are very little limitations on the type and size of data that can be uploaded. As you can expect, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business can have unpredictable data growth driven by everyday users. You can also see major spikes in these data areas when your end users start adopting these additional services to share collaborative data with both internal and external parties.

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is responsible for backing up and restoring Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint online data. More people than ever are using these products to store business critical data due to its portability, moving between computers in the office, at home and the mobile devices in-between. This portability also opens the data up to more access points, leaving it vulnerable to unwanted modifications both from malicious attacks and unexpected user error. A ransomware attack can be just as devastating to your data as a user deleting or modifying the wrong shared SharePoint site.

What most administrators don’t know is that Microsoft protects the underlying hardware where the data sits but not the data itself, meaning if someone was to modify your data through an access point, Microsoft is not responsible for restoring it back to a previous state. Read more about where Microsoft protection stops in our Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model blog post. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 helps fill this protection gap so you’re able to restore your data no matter the situation. The following articles in this series will help you get started with the product so you can start protecting your Microsoft Office 365 environment today.

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Veeam heeft een enquête gehouden onder 252 managers en IT-leidinggevenden in Nederland om hun uitdagingen en successen met betrekking tot gegevensbeheer in kaart te brengen. Het rapport brengt huidige uitdagingen met betrekking tot gegevensbeveiliging en personeel aan het licht, evenals zorgen en kosten met betrekking tot bedrijfscontinuïteit.

Veeamshop - Gegevens­beveiligings­trends

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Organisaties gaan in toenemende mate schuiven met workloads tussen clouds, tussen cloud en on premise. Zo blijkt uit een studie die Veeam heeft laten uitvoeren. “Wij spreken ook niet meer van back-up, maar van cloud data management”, zegt Ronald Ooms (foto), Vice President NEMEA bij Veeam. De studie leert hem dat zijn bedrijf de juiste strategie volgt.

door Teus Molenaar (Dutch IT-Channel)

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